Emergency Dentist Near Me

Our Emergency Dentist can fix & provide relief for:

  • severe toothaches
  • cracked teeth
  • knocked out teeth
  • infections & swelling
  • objects lodged in gums or between teeth
  • bleeding from lips, gums or mouth

Call us on (08) 8362 4034 immediately and let our emergency dentist take care of you.

In the case you urgently require same-day assistance, we’ll do our best to make the earliest possible appointment for you. The longer major dental issues are left untreated, the more severe they will become, and thus more difficult to treat. If you are experiencing severe pain, seek professional assistance immediately.

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Emergency Dentist Near Me: The Immediate Solution You Need

Are you faced with a dental emergency right now, and your mouth is really hurting? Making one quick, simple call to (08) 8362 4034 is all it takes to make all of your oral pain to go away. Our talented emergency dentists, led by Dr. Ricky Freytag, are super accommodating in keeping you relaxed in a stressful situation. And because we offer the full-scope of dentistry services, from Invisalign and dental implants right through to sleep dentistry, we have the complete expertise to handle any situation. Our overhead televisions and audio stations help put minds at ease as we address to your situation, which will then help us get you smiling brightly once again. Once you meet Dr Ricky or any other of our dentists you’ll understand just what makes our team the best in emergency dental situations.

Portrush Family Dental

Children’s Dentistry at Portrush Family Dental

We’re incredibly passionate about establishing positive dental behaviours in children from an early age. We’ve had many patients approach looking for an emergency dentist near me because their children have been in an accident and hurt their teeth. Upon their visit, we provide both the child & their parent with an appropriate care plan to help immediately address the issues, as well as manage your child’s ongoing oral health. To ensure all families have access to our care, our clinic operates in correspondence with the Medicare Child Benefits Dental Schedule (CBDS). This provides children between the age of 2-17 with a benefit cap of $1000 to use over the course of 24 months for general dental services. We recommend taking advantage of our first-class service and bring your children in for a visit before things get too out of hand.

Our Cosmetic Dental Services

If you’ve been searching for an “emergency dentist near me” to fix any issues with your cosmetic dental work, Portrush Family Dental are happy to assist! Having been in the industry for 40 years, we have plenty of experience in reconstructive and cosmetic dental work. Over the years, we have watched the process develop to become more accessible for everyday Australians. Now, everyone can wear a gleaming celebrity smile! We can fix the appearance of your teeth with Veneers, Invisalign, whitening procedures, dental implants and durable crowns. We also provide educated advice to help you with long-term management. To accommodate your financial situation, we work alongside some of the biggest names in private health to ensure you receive the benefits. DentiCare payment options are also available; enabling patients to pay their fee’s over 18-months. Don’t wait until it’s time to search “emergency dentist near me”, conquer your problems now!

While some dental emergencies can be prevented early on with regular care and maintenance, some situations cannot be predicted. We’re happy to assist with any of your problems, whether it be pain, swelling or tooth breakage. Make Portrush Family Dental your “emergency dentist near me” and call (08) 8362 4034 today!