AHM Dentist Near Me

If you have dental extras with AHM, we are the local dental clinic for you.

We accept AHM private health for our services because we know just how important it is to you to limit your spend on dental check ups & procedures. We just really want you to leave our clinic with a clean, healthy & beaming smile.

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AHM dentist near me—Portrush Family Dental Strive for Excellence

Do you find yourself combing through Google for an “AHM dentist near me?”. Well, your search ends right here with Portrush Family Dental. We’re focussed on making first-class dental services accessible for everyone. Many admit to fearing the dentist chair, so we’re all about making the experience comfortable and relaxing for everyone. Our business has been established for over 40 years, and throughout this time we’ve treated every problem in the books. Whether you’re seeking emergency pain relief, cosmetic work, dental implants or just a regular check-up—we’re your reliable solution. We are also compliant with the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, which was created by Medicare in 2014. The scheme provides families with financial assistance, so they can maintain the oral health of their children and receive education about appropriate care methods. Put your fears in the past and end the search for an “AHM dentist near me” today!

AHM Dentist Near Me

What Are Your Main Services?

Portrush Family Dental is proud to be the “AHM dentist near me” you’ve been looking for. We provide:

  • Regular checks: We assess the patients overall health and devise a personalised treatment plan to maintain oral health. This might include cleaning, polishing or more professional treatments.
  • Emergency: We provide same-day assistance to rectify any major pain or tooth breakage.
  • Cosmetic:Looking to achieve a dazzling smile? We cover Veneers, teeth whitening, tooth restoration and implants.
  • Sleep dentistry: If you experience great distress at the thought of going to the dentist, sleep dentistry may be a great option. To aid your comfort, our anaesthetist will put you in a calm and relaxed state.
  • Invisalign: We have an accredited Invisalign provider in-house to create you an effective plan to facilitate the movement of your teeth.

As our past and present clients will say, we’re the “AHM dentist near me” that you can trust.

Our Technology: CEREC™ Ceramic Restorations

Portrush Family Dental is the “AHM dentist near me” with the most reliable and updated technology available. We’re one of few who use CEREC™ technology, which is a fast and effective way to create and replace ceramic inlays, veneers, crowns and onlays. In just a single visit, your smile can be fully restored. The equipment enables us to take impression-less moulds of your teeth through digital scanning, which can be used for multiple treatments. The CEREC™ Milling Machine then carves the porcelain restoration before it’s bonded to the tooth. The result is durable, aesthetic and 100% metal free. This procedure creates minimal disruption to the tooth structure, takes little time and produces colour-matched results. Chat to an educated member of our team about the prospects of this technology. We continually update our practice methods to create simple, effective and pain-free solutions. We’re your go-to “AHM dentist near me”!

Portrush Family Dental genuinely care about your family’s health. We make our service accessible for everyone, because we understand that poor oral health and appearance can greatly impact confidence and wellbeing. Choose us to be your “AHM dentist near me” and call 8362 4034 today!

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