Emergency Dentist

Our Emergency Dentist can fix & provide relief for:

  • severe toothaches
  • cracked teeth
  • knocked out teeth
  • infections & swelling
  • objects lodged in gums or between teeth
  • bleeding from lips, gums or mouth

Call us on 8362 4034 immediately and let our emergency dentist take care of you.

In the event you require same-day assistance, we will make the earliest appointment for you. The longer major dental issues are left untreated, the more severe they will become, and thus more difficult to treat. If you are experiencing severe pain, seek professional assistance immediately.

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Emergency Dentist Adelaide—Portrush Family Dental are your Safety Net

Is your mouth or teeth in pain? As Adelaide’s eastern suburb’s preferred dentist, we’ll take care of you. We hate to see our patients in distress, so if possible we’ll book you in for a same-day dental emergency appointment. To ensure we achieve the greatest outcomes possible, we have first-class sterilisation facilities and use professional methods to guarantee the wellbeing and comfort of every emergency patient. If you’re feeling wound up and stressed, our dental rooms have been recently refurbished with audio stations and ceiling-lodged TV’s to ease the mind. We also don’t want you to feel nervous about the outcome of your emergency, because dentistry has certainly changed since the old dark days! Don’t leave your aches, pains and worries — call our emergency dentist Adelaide and we’ll devise an immediate plan.

Emergency Dentist Adelaide

6 Toothache Problems to Monitor

How bad does the pain have to be before you call our emergency dentist Adelaide? Here are some of the signs you should monitor:

  1. Sensitivity: This might be occurring due to grinding or clenching your teeth during the night.
  2. Sharp pain: You could have a cavity or abscessed tooth, which may need extracting before a bigger infection occurs.
  3. Swollen glands: This cold be the result of an infection or abscessed tooth. In this case, you should seek immediate treatment before it spreads.
  4. Discolouration: Dark brown, grey or black colouring could indicate infection.
  5. Loose teeth: If you have multiple loose teeth, you could be experiencing Periodontitis (advanced gingivitis).
  6. Bleeding gums: While this is normal in some cases, bleeding or swollen gums could also be the result of gum disease.

Don’t wait until the problem escalates, call our emergency dentist Adelaide for all your oral concerns!

Our Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes, our emergency dentist Adelaide may opt for cosmetic dentistry in the event of broken or damaged teeth. There’s a variety of methods we can use to achieve a celebrity smile, from porcelain veneers and tooth restoration to whitening and dental implants.

Veneers: These are Porcelain caps which are fitted and placed over the tooth for aesthetic appeal and added protection. We suggest various treatments to be used in conjunction with veneers for a healthy smile.

Tooth restoration: By using our innovative technology, we can correct your broken or damaged teeth using resin filling material, or crowns for more severe cases.

Whitening: We can offer patients home tooth-whitening kits or Zoom whitening treatments in-house. Zoom whitening is a widely-used bleaching process which adds a healthy glow to the smile.

In the event of damage to your cosmetic dentistry, make sure you contact our emergency dentist Adelaide!

Don’t sit and ponder whether the pain is bearable, make the right move and contact our emergency dentist Adelaide at Portrush family dental. 8362 4034 is the number to call! We do our best to present an immediate solution for peace of mind, with the possibility of same-day service.

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