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Invisalign is the modern, near-invisible alternative to traditional metal braces! As one of Adelaide’s few qualified Invisalign dentists, Principal Dentist Dr. Richard Freytag is an expert in implementing Invisalign for our patients. A consultation with Dr Freytag will help us determine whether the Invisalign treatment is the best solution for you. Invisalign is effective correcting over-bite, under-bite, overcrowded teeth, wide-spaced teeth and crossbites, and is typically the best method of transforming your smile without interfering with your day-to-day life!

During your Invisalign treatment, you will receive a series of removable aligners that you will need to upgrade as your teeth move into position. Each aligner is individually manufactured the exact dimensions of your teeth, with each one changing slightly to facilitate the gradual movement, until they have straightened completely into the final position prescribed by your dentist. This new-age teeth straightening method can replace metal braces in nearly all cases!

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Invisalign Braces Adelaide—Straighten Your Smile the Modern Way!

Portrush Family Dental are proudly qualified in Invisalign braces Adelaide. Invisalign has fast-become the preferred way to straighten a smile. You don’t have to cut out certain foods, and you can stay involved in all the sports you love! And the best part? No one will even know you’re wearing them. Invisalign promotes the gradual movement of teeth, with minimal hassle. As time goes on, you can literally watch your smile transform as you change up your aligners. Each set of aligners is worn one to two weeks before you need to swap them out. Check-ups are generally scheduled bi-monthly, and the treatment is suitable for people of all ages. Invisalign is backed by 20 years of industry research and over 5.5 million very happy success stories. Not all dentists cover Invisalign braces Adelaide, but Portrush Family Dental are always on board with innovative methods of practice.

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Why Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

So, why are more people opting for Invisalign braces Adelaide?

  • Cleaning benefits: Unlike traditional braces which collect food and can induce bad breath, Invisalign is easy to clean! Simply rinse and gently brush them once a night, and make sure you remove them before eating. We recommend brushing your teeth before placing them back in.
  • Quick progress: Invisalign can perform up to 50% faster than dental braces, and the millions of successful cases stand as proof.
  • They Invisible: People often choose Invisalign for the aesthetic value—no one will even know you’re wearing them.
  • Minimal discomfort: Invisalign trays are designed using Clincheck® software. The technology calculates the right amount of force required for each tooth. You might experience minor discomfort in the first few days, but your teeth will quickly adjust to Invisalign braces Adelaide.

About Portrush Family Dental

If you’re looking for a reliable team to manage your Invisalign braces Adelaide, come to Portrush Family Dental. As one of Adelaide’s few qualified Invisalign dentists, we have experience correcting all kinds of profiles. We have ceiling mounted televisions and a selection of audio stations for additional ease. It’s no secret that there’s still a bit of stigma surrounding a trip to the dentist, so our goal is to facilitate a positive experience from end to end. We have custom-designed our space and refined our service to accommodate your every need. While comfort is of utmost importance, we also try to make your experience educational. With the right tools and advice, maintaining your oral health is simple! If you choose us for your Invisalign braces Adelaide, be sure to take full-advantage of our holistic service.

Our team of friendly and approachable staff will answer any questions you have upon check-up. Start your journey with Invisalign braces Adelaide and bring back your confidence with a straighter smile! (08) 8362 4034 is the number to call to book your consultation.