At Portrush Family Dental we offer single-visit ceramic restorations using state of the art CEREC technology.

Portrush Family Dental is one of only a few dental clinics in Adelaide offering CEREC technology. Because of this we can efficiently restore large restorations with strong ceramic restorations. And even better, CEREC means it can be all done in a single visit. That means only one anaesthetic, only one visit and instantly ready to be eaten on.

All single-visit ceramics are made in-house and on the spot. You can even see the CEREC being designed by one of our highly qualified dentists.

White resin fillings are good, but they can also be weak if they are to big. This is where CEREC helps. Ceramic restorations look as good as white resin filling but have the strength of a porcelain crown.

CEREC ceramics are best to replace any old amalgams, large fractures to teeth or crowns for cracked or root canaled teeth.

CEREC® Porcelain Restorations Step By Step

1. All decayed tooth structure, as well as any old filling material, is removed conventionally or by dental laser

2. A 3D image of the tooth is taken with the aid of a CEREC® handheld camera

3. Using the 3D image, our specially trained and experienced CEREC® dentists design the restoration in front of you on the CEREC® monitor

4. The CEREC® milling machine “carves” the porcelain restoration out of a colour-matched ceramic block

5. The milled restoration is bonded directly to your tooth, creating a durable, aesthetic restoration in less than one hour

Benefits at a glance:
• Only one visit needed
• Entire procedure completed on our premises
• No impressions required (a major benefit if you’re prone to gagging)
• 3D technology ensures precision design and a perfect match to your teeth
• Colour matching
• No temporary fillings or crowns
• Metal-free
• Highly durable and long lasting
• Minimal disruption to healthy tooth structure

CEREC is a digital scanner that not only allows for single-visit ceramic restorations but also impressionless moulds of your teeth. Because we can take a digital impression of your teeth for a number of treatments like Invisalign braces, small dentures or even implants – gone are the days of a mouthful of impression material making you gag!


  • Principle Dentist

    Dr. Richard Freytag

       Years experience: 9

    Richard is originally from the USA. He studied his first degree in Biology back in USA and then studied his second degree in Dentistry at the University of Adelaide. Richard is motivated in giving you the best treatment possible.

  • Dentist

    Dr. Priya Jeyakumar

       Years experience: 9

    Dr. Jeyakumar comes from Malaysia. She graduated in the same year as Dr. Freytag. She loves to treat children. She loves what she does and carries that towards her work and her patients.

  • Dentist

    Dr. Alan Neve

  • Dentist

    Dr. Eliza Hodgson


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