Sleep Dentistry

Fear of the dentist is the number 1 cause of not seeing a dentist. Because of this many patients have avoided the dentist for many years and let their oral condition deteriorate. Fear and anxiety from the dentist can stem back from a number of reasons. Some being a previous bad dental or medical experience and others being from their parents or other traumatic life experiences. Others are nervous and anxious for no reason that they can explain. Because of this we offer SLEEP DENTISTRY at Portrush Family Dental. Sleep dentistry, also known as conscious sedation or twilight sedation, puts you in a calm and relaxed state. We have a specially trained anaesthesist come to our clinic to assist us with this procedure. This way we can be 100% focused on your dental needs, while the anaethesist is 100% focused on your comfort and vitals. Why choose sleep dentistry? Ask yourself a few of these questions:

  • Are you scared of needles?
  • Are you afraid of the dentist?
  • Do you have a bad gag reflex?
  • Do you want to not remember anything?
  • Will you have a lengthy treatment that you want to get all done at once but don’t want to go through that length of time?

If you answered yes to any of needs, then sleep dentistry may be what you need. Contact our team at 8362 4034 today to book a consult with our dentists to discuss this possible treatment for yourself. Pain Free Denstistry? Pain free denstistry is the way of the future. Dentistry is not like what it was 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. Our team and our dentists bed side manner, communication and gentleness all make your experience with us as comfortable as it can be. And because of this, we will help get you one step closer to your new and improved oral health. Sleep dentistry is another way in which we can achieve pain free dentistry. Being put to ‘sleep’ puts you in the most calm and relaxed state that we can get you to. In most cases our patients leave the clinic memory-free and anxiety free after a session of sleep dentistry. This makes this treatment ideal for even the most fearful of patients.


  • Principle Dentist

    Dr. Richard Freytag

       Years experience: 9

    Richard is originally from the USA. He studied his first degree in Biology back in USA and then studied his second degree in Dentistry at the University of Adelaide. Richard is motivated in giving you the best treatment possible.

  • Dentist

    Dr. Priya Jeyakumar

       Years experience: 9

    Dr. Jeyakumar comes from Malaysia. She graduated in the same year as Dr. Freytag. She loves to treat children. She loves what she does and carries that towards her work and her patients.

  • Dentist

    Dr. Alan Neve

  • Dentist

    Dr. Eliza Hodgson


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