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Our team at Portrush Family dental have the trained expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry. Our ongoing continuing education puts us on the edge of the latest technology and techniques to help restore your teeth to as close to the original condition as possible. This can be anything from a simple small filling to replacing all your teeth using dental implants or bridges. Whatever the reason for you needing the reconstruction of your teeth our dentists are here to listen to you. We will sit with you and determine what your main issues are then come up with a personalized treatment plan to get you back to that healthy, happy smile! Give us a call today! We’d love to meet you!


Treatment of patients with extensively worn and badly broken down teeth presents a difficult challenge to the oral health team. Complex restorative challenges can be present in patients of all ages, but particularly as our population ages, there is an increasing number of dentate elderly patients, often with associated dry mouth and salivary dysfunction, which has resulted in an increased occurrence of compromised dentitions. The variety of materials and techniques available in contemporary dental practice enables a range of alternative treatments to be considered for the restorative management of these patients. Extremely worn or broken down dentition can affect you in many ways. Starting from not being aesthetic to changing how your teeth come together. In turn this can affect your ability to eat certain foods or have an impact on your jaw joint causing further problems and pains. At Portrush Family Dental we use the most advanced materials and techniques to regain your smile and oral health. Some cases will require building up the tooth structure just using resin filling material. This can be done directly in the mouth and gain that vertical height again. In turn this will help prolong the life of your teeth and smile. Other cases will need much stronger and more permanent crowns. Most crowns done in modern dentistry are very aesthetic full ceramic crowns. These last many years when taken care of properly. These are the ultimate reconstructive dental work available.


Veneers are porcelain facings cemented to the front surface of your teeth. These are done for aesthetic issues. If you have teeth that are bothering you because of colour, shape, size or position then veneers may be the answer for you. They are highly aesthetic and long lasting. Let the team at Portrush Family Dental determine if this treatment is best for you. You may find that one of the other options available from Portrush Family Dental is more appropriate for you, either alone or in combination. For example, alternatives include:


Bridges are a great way to replace teeth. Where implants are not an available option to the patient dental bridges can close a gap by ‘bridging’ it. Dental-Bridge Bridges require the teeth in front and behind the missing tooth to be crowned and a tooth between the two to close the gap. This is cemented in place. So unlike a denture this does not need to be removed and inserted everyday.


  • Principle Dentist

    Dr. Richard Freytag

       Years experience: 9

    Richard is originally from the USA. He studied his first degree in Biology back in USA and then studied his second degree in Dentistry at the University of Adelaide. Richard is motivated in giving you the best treatment possible.

  • Dentist

    Dr. Priya Jeyakumar

       Years experience: 9

    Dr. Jeyakumar comes from Malaysia. She graduated in the same year as Dr. Freytag. She loves to treat children. She loves what she does and carries that towards her work and her patients.

  • Dentist

    Dr. Alan Neve

  • Dentist

    Dr. Eliza Hodgson


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