Cone beam CT technology for dentists in one of the latest and precise techniques used for a number of dental applications.

Portrush Family Dental is one of few Adelaide dentists to own this technology.
With Cone Beam CT’s we are able to get a 3D image of your jaw. From there the treatment is endless.

Cone Beam CT machine

Most common uses for Cone Beam CT’s is checking for periodontal bone loss, abscesses, failing root canal treated teeth, sinus infections and implants.

With our on-site Cone Beam CT machine we can instantly have 3D results to view and discuss with you. This gives us the treatment planning not many other Adelaide dentists can. With our 3D imagery we can see your mouth in ways that we wouldn’t have been able to previously.

CEREC scanning can also be integrated with our Cone Beam CT for precision implant planning.
With your 3D scan we can precisely plan to the tenth of a millimeter where we want to place your implant and implant crown. Then with our CEREC scanner we can fabricate your crown in a single-visit.


  • Principle Dentist

    Dr. Richard Freytag

       Years experience: 9

    Richard is originally from the USA. He studied his first degree in Biology back in USA and then studied his second degree in Dentistry at the University of Adelaide. Richard is motivated in giving you the best treatment possible.

  • Dentist

    Dr. Priya Jeyakumar

       Years experience: 9

    Dr. Jeyakumar comes from Malaysia. She graduated in the same year as Dr. Freytag. She loves to treat children. She loves what she does and carries that towards her work and her patients.

  • Dentist

    Dr. Alan Neve

  • Dentist

    Dr. Eliza Hodgson


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