Can Children use Invisalign?

Can Children use Invisalign?

Can Children use Invisalign?

Dental braces in Adelaide have proven their effectiveness in fixing a range of dental issues. But nowadays, they’re not the only choice available to patients. Other devices, such as clear aligner trays, are as effective as braces.

But what makes these devices different is that wires aren’t visible anymore. The feeling of self-consciousness is eliminated instantly. Another advantage is that clear trays can be removed whenever you want to enjoy a meal, so there’s no need to worry about dirtying your aligners. It’s these advantages that made the solution the go-to for teens and adults. But can children also enjoy these aligners?

The short answer is yes. In this article, we’ll be talking about when kids can use such a device.

When Can Kids Start using Clear Aligners?

Any Adelaide dental clinic will tell you that children tend to remove clear aligners either because of discomfort or curiosity. But when they do so, they forget to clean them up before putting them back in. Others might even forget to place their trays altogether. In any of these cases, there is a negative impact on their treatment process.

Also, children aren’t as self-conscious as we are. Therefore, children who use clear aligners might take theirs out and end up eventually losing them. In the end, the treatment won’t be that effective.

We recommend these devices when children are at the right level of dental development. However, they should learn the responsibility that comes with it. Children who hit the age when they can get braces are already able to use clear aligners.

To make sure that children can already receive such treatment, it’s better to ask your family dentist about it.

Invisalign is Ideal When Your Kids Can Comply with Requirements

Adelaide Invisalign experts will tell you that the device is only effective when worn a minimum of 22 hours a day. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that children understand that they have to use them constantly to get the best results.

This is achievable when adults are the ones wearing it. But it’s a different story for children. If your child is reluctant to fulfil this requirement, then it’s better to look for another option. Otherwise, the treatment will not effectively solve your child’s teeth problem.

Metal braces are ideal for children who can’t comply. Since traditional braces cannot be removed, the treatment will be continuous.

The Next Step As a Parent

Only parents can answer the question of whether Invisalign is ideal for their children or not. Above all, your child’s needs are the priority. Only go for the solution that you know will succeed. Remember that in the end, no matter which device you choose, it’s going to restore your child’s ideal smile.

When searching for clinics that can provide it, it’s crucial to remember that it should not be treated as a product. It should be considered as a technique, instead.

Are you considering getting Invisalign for your kids? Choose a clinic that has successfully treated patients with clear aligners. Call Portrush Family Dental today to schedule your child’s appointment.

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